Linda & Lee | Park Chateau Estate and Gardens Wedding | East Brunswick, NJ

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It was a warm sunny day on August 27th, 2017 at the Park Chateau Estate and Gardens in East Brunswick New Jersey, the perfect time for a wedding—Linda and Lee knew this. It was a serene and peaceful venue that was lit up by the love that Linda and Lee were going to eternally bind. What a venue! The Park Chateau Estate and Gardens. Picture this: the French countryside meets modern New Jersey, light breeze coming down through the trees and flowers, and the European architecture with elegant detailing; a house Gatsby would have built Daisy if they ran away to the countryside. The Park Chateau Chapel sits majestically next to the Main House/ Chateau creating the perfect serene atmosphere for a wedding. Who knew New Jersey had this precious gem of a castle.

The beautiful bride relaxed with her bridesmaid and reminisced on the good old times before boys were a part of their life. The naïve innocent days…but now they were all women, yet it did not stop them from teasing each other. “Linda is getting married to the love of her life,” they teased but it hardly bothered her because it was true, she was having the wedding she always dreamed about and I could not agree more.

The long tail waterfall Provonias dress hung gracefully by the window while the bride perfected the last few finishing touches. Linda’s mother gleefully strides towards her wearing a traditional colorful Hanbok to zip up her dress. TA-DA! Our beautiful bride twirls around in her new dress with Badgley Mischka twinkling on her toes. Oooh’s, Ahhh’s, and schoolgirl squeals filled the room as Linda gave the girl’s a first look of her dress. She threw her head back and laughed; our flustered bride was the center of attention.

The bridesmaid’s were not the only ones lucky enough to have a first look but our bride was swept aside by the impatient groom longing for their reunion. Seeing your bride walk down the aisle, in a different light, can stir up a lot of emotions and excitement but seeing her like this, the Linda he met way back then calmed his churning stomach. In less than an hour, they will be united and I can see, from behind of my camera lenses, that his eyes were glistening at the beautiful sight before him.

Everyone gathered in the chapel, the grand Park Chateau Chapel with the great beautiful windows, a blessing to a photographer because I was able to capture these beautiful moments in such great lighting. The guests joined the couple while they bonded eternally and wrapped up in a sea of applause.

Queue the music. The magical serene chapel scene turned into a light hearted family comedy in the ballroom. For a morning wedding, the families of the couple put on their dancing shoes and shimmied on the dance floors. The bridesmaids sang along to songs they knew while swaying their hips and the grooms fist-pumped away! Even the bride’s mother did not miss out on the action of having happy feet. The crisp morning air was filled with the joyful sounds of people dancing which inspires me to start my mornings the same way!

The wedding in the “French countryside of New Jersey” castle is how I will always remember this wedding. I would like to take the time to thank Linda and Lee for sharing this remarkable moment in their life that will kick-start their forever with me and I want to give them my blessing. May God pave a wondrous path for the couple and lead them into a long life of happiness.


Venue: Park Chateau • The Dress:  Pronovias • The Shoes: Badgley Mischka • Lead Photographer: Bashful Captures • Video: Jay Lim Studio • Cake: Palermos Bakery • Floral Design: Floral Design By Sofie

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