Maternity Session at the Colonial Park, NJ



Gisela and Greg are expecting their first baby, which could come at anytime now! Yep! Baby Nicholas just turned 37 weeks and we cannot wait to welcome this little boy into the world. 

We had this maternity session at the Colonial Park in Somerset, NJ. It was the perfect weather with this beautiful family. We had a blast getting to know them better and also meeting Gisela’s mom. Oh she is the sweetest grandma to be! 

Grandma also told us that Greg absolutely loves to put his hands around Gisela’s belly. And every time he did we could see his joy through his eyes and smile. Isn’t it so sweet?

She looks soooo beautiful!!

Here are just a few of our many favorites!

We can’t say enough about them. They are so loving. God is blessing them with this new beautiful life and they will be extraordinary parents. We’re so excited for you guys!


Fabi & Jon


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