Nicole & Michael | Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding | New York


In the grande theme of things, how many people get married in New York? Everyday there are people meeting, going on dates, falling in love, and tying the knot. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden in New York has become a shelter for lovebirds and on October 17th, Nicole and Michael joined as one to have a gracious fall wedding. 
The beautiful and serene location comes equipped with three sections: The Outdoors, The Palm House, and the Atrium. Each section more beautiful than the last; the outdoors are engulfed in an assortment of plants and flowers, with trees towering over the venues. A pond sits in the center of the garden with a chapel sitting peacefully across from it. I cannot justify the beauty of this hidden gem in words. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is seriously the perfect venue for a beautiful and romantic wedding.
“He will cover you in diamonds someday,” the friend of the bride teases as the bride admires the set of diamond earrings her soon-to-be husband gifted her. These will be the earrings that she will lend her future daughter on her first dance, graduation, and when her time comes, her wedding day. They say that a woman’s wedding day is a nerve-wrecking day but if Nicole was nervous, she did not show it. Her laughter echoed throughout the room as the bridesmaid reminisced on the past. It was almost as if time has frozen and all the existed were the good vibes all these women stared. It was time to slip into the white gown: a jeweled lace corset with a heart neck line and silky sleeves off the shoulder with white studded scrappy heels twinkling on her toes. The last finishing touch was the gift, the diamond earrings.
As the women prepare themselves to step out, there is a knock on the door: Her father. The brides body tenses up in excitement and can barely get a word out, just a slight squeal! She was daddy’s little girl but today, she becomes a woman. Her father squeezes her hard, seems as if he will never let her go. But the day was not short of surprises when the Groom snuck away to have a first look of his soon-to-be wife. It is always a magical moment to look within the eyes of a groom when he sees the bride. It is filled with love, admiration, and hope for their future. 
We had an abundance of time before the ceremony to explore the beauty of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, so we hopped on a golf car and drove around. Despite being a fall wedding, we were surrounded by greenery and some hidden banquets of flowers that still had much life in them.
White roses decorated the aisle while the families and friends of the couple rejoiced together. And when the “…I now announce you husband and wife,” arrived the crowd went in a frenzy. The couples face… it was one of those moments that one needed to relive on their own; it was an expression of “WE DID IT!” 
From the outdoors to The Palms, the joyful party reunited with the couple, surrounded by white and wine color-themed centerpieces. These big beautiful flower arrangements embellished the venue. What looked like a dimly lit chandelier of white roses, hung over the guests and gave off a warm light. 
The Brooklyn Botanic Garden was a home for many memories that night: from the first dance to the last. Fall weddings in the city tend to be fast paced and bustling but this one… time froze with this couple and their love illuminated the gardens and made the flowers come alive. I send all my love and positive vibes to the happy couple. Congratulations to Nicole and Michael, may your love shine bright for 1000 years and may those diamond earrings be the heirloom passed down in your family.


Venue: Brooklyn Botanic Garden | Lead Photographer: Bashful Captures | Wedding Planning: Exquisite Affairs Productions | Hotel: 1 Hotel | The Dress: Monique Lhullier | The Shoes: Valentino | Floral Design: Melarosa Floral | Hair Stylist: Styles on B | Make up: Nicole Sievers Make up Artistry | Band: Elan Music | Video: First Day Films

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